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London Design Festival X London College of Communication

Design Action




Branding & Identity

Niharika Mishra
Hessa Alhabbad
Mo Zhou
Rosa Damn
Flavia Mazzoni
Ana Sofia -
Gonzalez Villareal

Proposed Concept
Anti-Structure Structure

As part of our Master's Programme Collaborative unit, we were asked to pitch exciting branding solutions for an upcoming design exhibition. This event would be hosted at London College of Communication as part of the London Design Festival event in 2020. 

The "Design Action" exhibition at LCC intends to be a celebration of design research, innovation, and the exchange of creative knowledge. Design Action is not a linear process. When designing, unexpected and uncontrollable situations can occur despite planned efforts.


This concept of 'Anti-Structured Structure' symbolizes how design is both a structured and unstructured process.

We created a structured "single element" that acts as the core of the visual system. It represents a unit of 'change' and how it can be transformed into various shapes.

The 'Anti-Structured Structure' is the accumulation of infinite and impactful changes through design. 


Design Action Website

An official website was designed to introduce and invite guests to the exhibition. We wanted to highlight the flexibility of the concept by allowing the 'single element' to move and fold into different shapes as the user scrolls down the page.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we wanted to put the focus on digital platforms that could be easily accessed during social distancing.


The Single Element

These dynamic elements are used to form different shapes throughout the visual system. They reflect the non-linear process of design action


Event Application

Designed to help guests navigate through the exhibition and keep track of scheduled events.


With the school's mission for sustainability in mind, this proposed idea utilizes the lights which will already be in use during the event.


Social Media

Promotional activity for the event displayed on the London College of Communication's official Instagram page. 

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