Bangkok Airways Rebrand


Branding & Identity, Print, Art Direction

School Project

Academy of Art University,

San Francisco


2011 - 2016


Bangkok Airways is a domestic and international airline from Thailand. Since its establishment 1968, the company’s image and identity has remained the same. 

To update the brand’s visual image, a brand new identity system was introduced to bring new life to an established brand.


Current Logo

This is the logo mark which is still being used by the company.

Colour Variation

This is the commonly used logo variation that could be easily implemented on any promotional application.

Black & White Variation

Every good identity must work as a solid black and white mark. These variations are suitable for designs on dark backgrounds. 

Bangkok Airways9.jpg

Plane Design

The design utilizes the form of the logo.

Brand Guidelines

Bangkok Airways2.jpg
Bangkok Airways Process Book.jpeg

Logo Development

A curated collection of sketches designed during the course of this project.

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